aishshahid asked: wohooooo what a lovely blog.. very nice stuff, also your other blog.. like it :))

  • Aw thank you! I’m glad you are liking them.

kaalikajol asked: GOSH, I can't believe I JUST now came across ur tumblr. I LOVE IT! Great blog!!! I love you gifs :) ♥

  • Awh, thank you my dear! :)

Anonymous asked: hey u have awsome work bt can u plz do any of KITANI MOHABBAT HAI of arjohi - karan and kritika :)

Thank you! But my focus of gif making is only in films. 

Anonymous asked: You know how there's soju and dramacrazy for asian films and dramas? is there an equivalent for south asian dramas and films?

I really wish I knew how to answer this question. 

Anonymous asked: why don't you blog anymore.. :(

I’ve just been a bit busy. I’m a month away from graduating so thats where most of my focus is at the moment. But don’t you worry i haven’t forgot about this blog. :)